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Lowe Industries Offers New Pasta Dough Mixer     

The new pasta dough mixer manufactured by
Lowe Industries is the premier pasta machine
made in America offering the following benefits:

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Pasta Dough Machine Spec Sheet

  • Custom Design We manufacture batch process Dough Mixers with the versatility of mixing both dry and fresh pasta dough applications.  

  • Shorter Mix Times - Innovative agitator design and electrical controls provide increased production reliability, flexibility and faster dough development with a reduction in energy consumption.

  • Low Maintenance Adjustable and replaceable paddles, gear motor shaft-mounted drive requires no maintenance compared to chain drives.

  • Excellent Sanitation Internal product contact surface features 304 SS material finish easy to clean and food-grade compliant.

  • Extensive Experience - Our personnel have extensive experience and knowledge in the food processing industry with 1000s of successful applications.

the unit shown is a pasta dough batch mixer with 400 lb. working capacity. It is used to blend various flour mixtures with liquid to produce either dry or fresh pasta. Internal agitation consists of (12) paddles with a blade clearance set at from the bottom centerline of the trough resulting in better dough temperature control. The stainless steel U-shaped trough includes the following features: A variety of materials of construction such as internal T304 stainless steel with 80 grit polished finish, external carbon steel support components, mixing chamber straight tangents extended to 23 ⅛ (for liquid addition spray pattern development). Nema 4 electrical control panel with (washdown) enclosure provides precision mixing and discharge. Liquid addition manifold with spray system consists of (2) stainless steel Floodjet wide angle, low impact flat pattern spray nozzles arranged to provide even spray pattern across length of mixture with minimal wetting of agitator components. An ASME pressure dispensing injection tank with 16 gallon capacity delivers liquid from tank to manifold. Additional features include Fairbanks Series II 300 lb. digital bench scale with stainless steel platform and pneumatically-actuated contour slide discharge valve and stainless steel pallet for support of product tote during material transfer.

Additional details on this design can be obtained by contacting sales@loweindustries.com or phone 319-447-9724.